Not many of us have much in regards to dragons. Can’t pick out any favorites.

But ah, wondered home with one as a pet? Maybe.

The pet was the home in this case.

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Anonymous said:
Oh, I didn't mean to put pressure on you about updating! Thanks for the answer though. If I get an idea I'll make sure to throw it your way too!

((It’s all okay. It really has been a long while. Thanks a bunch))

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We redecorated. Hopefully it looks better now!

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Anonymous said:
Psssstt, have you ever considered making your theme of something with captions? It's rather unfortunate to miss the quip at the bottom of pictures, they can be quite witty. uwu

(I’ll consider theme hunting. Any suggestions? Thanks for tip, Anon!)

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Actually, it’s something I’ve had the pleasure to explain quite a while ago. This blog has many inside jokes and incidences.

I didn’t die my own hair out of my own free will. It was the result of a prank. I’m fairly sure it was Xemnas who slipped purple wood stain into my shampoo one evening. I don’t really cut my hair. So it’s been faintly purple ever since.

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I don’t think there are any issues.

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The good thing is, the Master isn’t home. You know how he is around…children.

Guess we’ll just have to keep it until he can chuck it on someone else.

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He doesn’t even use the toilet in the morning. I bet you all of my money he’s texting while I have to endure a full bladder.

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Anonymous said:
Yeah, I would come to check but it had been a long time since there was an update so I was wondering if you'd moved on.

((Ahh, I know. It’s been a long while. I’d hate to let go of this blog, but a lot of updating depends on the flow of asks I get. It is an ask blog after all. If I got more on the regular, I’d update this blog often like I used to, but not many have sent in decent asks I can work with ahh. Again, I’m awful sorry.

I’ll see what I can do. ))

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Anonymous said:
Are you done with this now?

((Are you asking about this blog in general?))

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It was nice actually, with a lot less riffraff than…normal. Xemnas’ eyebrow game is weak, so they took a long while to grow back. We got decorative over the holidays. You should have seen Thanksgiving. I probably laughed myself to tears.

Anyway, gift Xchange is usually after supper. We don’t get presents from Santa (obviously), so we do sort of a secret Santa thing ourselves.  I’m sure everyone got a bit of what they wanted.

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Well you see…

Look, the important thing is, I wasn’t the one who put lighter fluid in the pumpkin.

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Ask box is open. Sorry for all the large gaps here and there. We’d really like to get things up and running again on a regular basis, but we can only do that with your help.

Any random question will do. Just drop something off in the mailbox!

I ah, also forgot to explain that thing about Xemnas’ eyebrows. (Lucky for him they’ve…mostly grown back).

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x((oh golly i'm such a butt xbut i haven't forgotten about this blog at all xits just really hard to update when there isnt much to update with xgomen gomen xrandom asks really do help!))
Anonymous said:
less aerith more aqua please and thank

(( I’m just interacting with whoever stops by. Either way does not matter to me. However, I don’t hold claim to any Aqua RPr’, but unfortunately for you, I do hold claim to an Aerith. Sorry anon!))

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